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Hello everybody, my name is Monte Eggers. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Now you’re probably wondering, “Who’s this Monte guy anyway?” Glad you asked!

Here’s a little background about myself  😉

I currently reside with my wife Heather, and our four (yes, 4) awesome children in western Wisconsin. I am originally from North Dakota, and moved here back in 2006 for at the time a better job, and better work opportunities.

In my spare time I love to play the drums for my church worship band, and also for my rock band on the weekends. Other hobbies of mine include hunting, fishing, playing basketball and baseball with my kids, and recently, I started working out with my wife at our local YMCA (that elliptical kills!) When I see something that I truly believe in, I make it a goal to try my best, and finish it strong.


I’ve been in the network marketing industry for about 3 years, and about one and a half years ago, I took my business to the internet, and here’s why.

After running out of names for my “hot market” list, and hearing no after no, I was searching for something that I could use to promote myself, rather than just another opportunity like so many others are doing online these days. Since having a presence on the Internet, I’ve had the opportunity of meeting hundreds, if not thousands of like-minded people to network and share strategies with. I love meeting other entrepreneurs and learning from them as well, so I can pass on what I have learned to my personal business team.

I’m an MLM coach because I know the feeling that most frustrated network marketers go through when trying to make money online. We all need guidance from somebody who’s been down that road before and has now become successful so we can learn and apply what they teach. My breakthrough was July of 2010 when I got my first real check from marketing online, and I haven’t looked back since!

I firmly believe that one must learn, and understand that self branding is KEY to building ones business online. Because having strong relationships is a must when trying build any network marketing business. People join people they know, like and trust, and don’t just join “The next BIG thing!”.

I’d love to learn more about you and your dreams and goals, so I can help you achieve the success that you desire in your business, and I am looking forward to working with you on a one-on-one basis.

Like the great Zig Ziglar says…”You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

To learn the exact marketing system I use to build my primary opportunity, get free instant access here.

All the best,

Monte Eggers

MLM Marketing Coach


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Monte Eggers

Monte Eggers is an online/network marketer, who specializes in blogging, Facebook, and YouTube lead generation.

He loves helping other internet marketers reach their goals by offering them valuable information about SEO, video, and other social media marketing strategies, that they can use to help build their business online.

In his spare time, Monte is a busy father raising 3 girls and 1 boy, with his wife of 16 years. He also drums for his church worship band, and enjoys fishing and hunting in western Wisconsin.
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