Aweber Communications-How To Build Your List Using Aweber

Since using Aweber communications, I’ve been able to build a decent sized email list, from prospects all over the world. Since I’m in the network marketing/MLM industry, I have people literally seek me out who are looking for information about building a successful home based business. Whenever a potential prospect requests any of my training courses, they’re required to enter their information (name, email address, and sometimes phone #), and they’ll receive whichever training video they’ve requested. As you probably know, this is the basics of lead generation. A process that is vital in internet marketingthis

aweber communications

So how can the Aweber communications system work for you? In this article, I’ll quickly review some of the perks to being an Aweber member, and an affiliate.

Using The Aweber Communications System

Every online marketer needs one major resource, an email database of potential prospects. In order to start building an email list, you’ll need to purchase email software to help you store your leads you’ve generated online. But how do you do that exactly? One method is to have a sign up form on your website. One just like on the right side of my blog, or the one pictured below.

aweber communications sign up form

Once you become an Aweber member, you can create your own customized sign up form in your back office. If you think you’re not very “tech savy”, don’t worry. Awber has simple step by step instructions that will show you how to build your own form, and install it on your website.

In order to generate a lead online, you need to offer something of value that will motivate your prospect to give you them their information. Once your prospect enters their information, they’ll automatically be entered into your Awber back office, and become a lead.

Maintaining Your Aweber Communications Email List

One of the best things about the Aweber communications system, is the ability to email your list whenever you want. But be sure not to “spam” them on any information, that doesn’t pertain to your offer. The main reason for building a list for any marketer, should be as follows:

  1. Build a list
  2. Maintain that list
  3. Offer value
  4. Gain trust with that list

When your prospects trust you enough, and when they’re ready, they will buy from you. That’s the main goal for any serious marketer.

The Aweber Communications Affiliate Program

Once you become an Aweber  customer, you have the option of becoming an affiliate. Once an affiliate, you get your own Aweber affiliate referral link that you can use to promote your account! You can place your link on your blog/website, or use any of their picture badges as well like this one:

Again, the affiliate badges, (pictures), are in your Aweber communications back office with your affiliate ID built in, so you can share them and start earning extra cash. Currently, Aweber offers their affiliates 30% of each recurring sale. As you can see, you can test drive them for just $1. Right now, Aweber offers a list of 500 subscribers for $19 per month.

For a complete list of their monthly plans, you can click here.

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