Why Branding Yourself Is Crucial In Business

Branding yourself online is crucial for your business. Since 2010, I’ve been building my own personal brand, which is simply my name.

In this article, I’ll explain why it’s important to brand YOU Inc. rather than a specific company.

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Branding Yourself 101

The first thing you should consider when branding yourself is simply this, you need a title. I specifically chose “Monte Eggers-Internet Marketing Coach” because after a few years of struggling, I had to relearn how to market online. Once I learned new marketing strategies, I decided to implement the word coach in my title, so I could teach others what I had learned.

To find your title, you should ask yourself “What am I good at?” Maybe you excel in social media. Maybe you’re great at writing ads or shooting YouTube videos. Find one or two things you’re strong in and do your best to give yourself a catchy title that people will remember you by.

If you can’t think of something by yourself, ask a close friend who knows you really well to help you out. Who knows, maybe they’ll come up with something really great!

Why Branding Yourself Is Great For Your Prospects

We can all agree that prospects are the lifeblood of having a successful business. That’s why your first impression on them is very important. When you brand yourself, people will see you as a leader and authority in your niche. If your content or marketing materials are good, your prospects will keep coming back to you for advice until they decide to either buy, or even better, partner with you.

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Personal branding can also be defined as YOU Inc. As a marketer, you should be selling yourself, and not a company. Independent real estate and insurance agents do it constantly. Here’s one example.

My next door neighbor Denny happens to be my insurance agent. After moving into my house, I wasn’t even in the market for it. Once we were all settled in, we got to know him a little better at a neighborhood get together. Small talk was made between him and I, and after asking him what he did for work, he handed me a pen with his insurance company on it that read “Thanks again from Den!”

Simple things like that tend to stick with us a little longer…agree?

Wrapping Up Personal Branding


personal brandingI hope you enjoyed my article about the importance of personal branding. When building your brand online, another bit of advice would be this. If you have a personal blog, always point your prospects to it. If you can at all avoid it, try not to lead them to a replicated website. If that’s all you have, ask your company if they can integrate your name and picture on it until you can get your own blog. Once you have one, you’ll be glad you did.


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