Does My Lead System Pro Work? A Review Of MLSP

So, does My Lead System Pro work? Great question! In this My Lead System Pro Review, I’ll discuss it’s conception, training that My Lead System Pro offers, and how you can use it to build your business online.

does my lead system pro work

Does My Lead System Pro Work?- Early Beginnings

Launched in 2008, My Lead System Pro was developed for network marketers and MLM business owners in mind, but has since taught other niche marketers how to use it to help generate leads. My Lead System Pro was founded by three former students of the original attraction marketing system Magnetic Sponsoring. Norbert Orlewitz, Brian Fanale, and Tom Schlomer, took the basic principles of Magnetic Sponsoring, and made it “duplicatable” for anybody to use. Magnetic Sponsoring is the original attraction marketing system which launched in 2005 by then struggling network marketer Mike Dillard.

After six years on MLM failure, Dillard came to the conclusion that he was going to drop out of MLM unless he changed his marketing strategies. With the fast growth of the Internet, Dillard tweaked and tested various online marketing tactics such as Google Pay per Click Ads, Ezine Articles, and social media sites like YouTube and MySpace. After collecting his MLM “traffic formula” data, he wrote the book Magnetic Sponsoring which changed the way network marketers (who choose to read it) build their MLM online. This book and its course was the core foundation of My Lead System Pro.



Does My Lead System Pro Work?- Weekly Trainings

MLSP has been providing valuable marketing training by the industries top MLM leaders for its members. These weekly trainings cover time tested and proven marketing strategies that will get you more leads for your business. The most popular yet advanced strategy is blogging. Setting up and creating a blog about “how to” market online can be a very strong tactic that can almost be considered an asset. By simply writing unique and eye catching articles on your blog, you’ll be able to be ranked on Google for certain keywords that people search online for.

MLSP has the best MLM training in the industry for building a business online. With ‘how to” videos, training calls, and webinars can be viewed anytime in the MLSP back office. There is also a live training webinar every Wednesday that features other successful MLM business owners, and/or MLSP members that share their methods that are helping them generate leads online, and how to be successful with the correct mind-set as well.


does my lead system pro work


Does My Lead System Pro Work?- My Experience

When I was doing my due diligence, I myself asked “does My Lead System Pro work?”  I’ve learned a lot since becoming a member. MLSP will show you how to:

1: Set up a blog

2: Use social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to generate leads

3: How to have the proper mindset to becoming a successful online marketer And much more! When I started marketing online almost 5 years ago, I was clueless! That’s when I ran into MLSP.

After being a member for close to 4 years, I can honestly say that it is a well thought out program that can help any struggling network marketer or MLM business owner build their business on the Internet. It’s up to each individual to put in the time and effort to do so.


my lead system pro review


Does My Lead SYstem Pro Work?- Get More Info

If you’re ready to discover what thousands of other successful online marketers already know what MLSP has to offer, and see if  it’s right for you, and finally answer your question “does My Lead System Pro work?”, then click on the link below to get more information!

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