MLM Blog Tips-What You Need To Know About MLM Blogging

An MLM blog has two goals. Getting traffic, and more importantly, getting leads. But how do you start a blog if you’re new to the MLM industry? To the “newbie” marketer, designing an MLM blog can be confusing, time consuming, and frustrating.

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Why You Need An MLM Blog

When I turned to the internet to start marketing my MLM business about four years ago, I really didn’t have a clue where to start. But I did have a Facebook and a MySpace account, so I decided to begin there.

I used the same strategy on both. Like most newbies would do, I was pitching my opportunity like Randy Johnson…hard and fast! This ended up with little to no success. After about one and a half years (yup 1 ½) I had to change my approach. I seen that other network marketers were blogging and decided to give it a whirl.

Why use an MLM blog? You need exposure online by getting natural web traffic to your blog, which in turn helps you generate new leads for your MLM on a daily basis.

More important though, visitors can learn about you and what you’re doing. Whether you’re blogging for business, (or for personal reasons), by providing valuable content, those visitors are more likely to come back and check your updates. This can create long term relationships with your readers.

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What To Post On Your MLM Blog

If you’re not sure about what to post on your MLM blog, relax. Your ideas will come to you at any given time. I’ll usually make a note on my cell phone, or write on a piece of scratch paper when I think of a topic I want to post onto my MLM blog about. You can even get ideas from other bloggers. But remember, be original. Don’t copy others articles and use them as your own!

Try to offer value to the readers who visit your MLM blog. Rather than trying to “sell” your business opportunity upfront, offer them help. Write about your personal experiences in the MLM industry, and how you overcame any struggles. Maybe your readers want more leads. Maybe they want to learn how to learn how to market on the Internet the right way. You’ll come up with some positive content that will help your readers wanting more, and have them coming back everyday!

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How To Start An MLM Blog

The Internet is being overran by an ever-growing sea of marketing noise. By simply starting an MLM blog, you can cut through all that noise, and build trust with your readers at the same time. In order to start a blog, you need a proven marketing system that helps you take the first step with your online success.

If you’re serious about building your MLM/network marketing business from the internet, then click here to learn the exact system I use to help drive traffic to my MLM blog, and get leads on a daily basis.

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