MLM Leads For Free-Where To Find Free Leads Online

Getting MLM leads for free can be a really easy, if you know how. With the dawn of the internet, and a large amount of social media sites popping up almost every other month, chances are, you don’t know where to begin. Believe me, I’ve been there!

Where To Start Finding MLM Leads For Free

Many sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, offer free use to its members. If used correctly, you could have an endless supply of MLM leads for free! Statistically, somebody joins a “home based business” every 10 seconds. EVERY 10 SECONDS!! That’s amazing! But the question that you may have is “Why am I struggling in MLM?”, and “How can I find free MLM leads?”. Let’s take a look at some things that I do and use, to get MLM leads for free.

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MLM Leads For Free- Some Simple Online Resources

With social media giant Facebook leading the pack for popularity, there are many ways to use it to find MLM leads. Facebook has certain “groups” that you can request to join, or start one on your own. This is a great idea, but it has its drawbacks. Most members use “automatic” posting software to post to hundreds of Facebook groups at one single time. Even if it does free up your time, I believe that those who use said software (i.e. Hoot Suite, Post Planner), take away the “self branding” aspect that all marketers should practice. I’m a big fan of the popular “YOU Inc.”. Branding yourself as a leader is vital to your success in building an MLM business, and highly recommended! Another thing I see in Facebook groups, is members posting their primary MLM business link. If you’ve been on Facebook and have been active in any groups, chances are you’ve seen the same thing. This so called “marketing” is plain ol’ SPAM, and only reveals desperation to attract other people looking to make some quick money.

You can also get MLM leads by using pay-per-click ads on Facebook. This is a little more advanced marketing strategy, but is effective nonetheless. PPC (pay-per-click) ads are those tiny little advertisements we all see on the right hand side of our Facebook page. Once clicked on, they usually take you to some type of landing page that has an offer for some training or even to another Facebook “fan page”. The cost per ad really depends on what you are marketing. If other marketers are targeting the same product and is popular, the price may be higher.

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Recently, Facebook started offering users to “Boost Post”. This means that you can promote your post to other Facebook users that are in you network of Facebook “friends”, and their connections. This was a breath of fresh air to most, because they offer several dollar amounts. Recently, I promoted an ad for around $15, and it got circulated for a total of three days. I received a few more “Likes” on my Fan Page, and landed a few more leads as well! SCORE!!

OK, enough about Facebook. How about some YouTube marketing?

MLM Leads For Free- YouTube Video Marketing

Now I know I’m not the most handsomest guy, and I used to be camera shy, but that was something I HAD to get over! When it comes to video marketing, (especially on YouTube), I want to let you in on a little secret. Google LOVES YouTube!! Why? Because they own it! That’s right, own it! Have you ever done a search on Google (of course you have, or you wouldn’t have came across this AWESOME blog!), and on the first page you see YouTube videos? Google will give first page rankings to YouTube videos all day long if done correctly. (more on that by clicking here). Now I won’t get totally into how to SEO (search engine optimization) your YouTube videos, but I will suggest that you start practicing on recording videos to get better at it. This is a GREAT way to get MLM leads for free!

MLM leads from YouTube

How To Get MLM Leads For Free By Blogging

What is a blog exactly? This very post that you are reading is on a WordPress blogging platform. This is another way to get MLM leads for free, like Facebook PPC, it is a little more advanced. But if you want to have a long term plan about MLM, having a blog is a great way to have an online presence. It shows that you are a leader that can give value to your team, and potential leads/prospects.

As you can see, I named my blog after myself. This is an example of the “self branding” that I was talking about a few paragraphs ago. By blogging, and targeting a few keywords, my blog posts can be found on Google, Yahoo, and other search engine machines. If this is a little too advanced, relax, I was there a few years ago. I never would have thought I would have been blogging and doing SEO research, and trying to get on the first page of Google! But here I am! 🙂

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Putting It All Together

If any of what I wrote is a little “over your head”, relax. We all need to start somewhere. That’s where I come in to lend you a little help. I used to try to do most of the above mentioned marketing tactics on my own. Needless to say, I was lost! After trying it on my own for about one year, I stumbled across a system called My lead System Pro (MLSP). MLSP is a great resource that ANY MLM/network marketer can use to help them learn online marketing strategies, without the huge learning curve.

Regardless of whatever MLM company you are promoting, MLSP can help you:

1: Teach you valuable online marketing strategies

2: Show you how to get MLM leads for free, and…

3: MAKE money!

If that sounds like something you could benefit from, then my advice to you is to take action now by clicking on this link !

Do yourself and your business a favor, take the first step to get a leg up on your competition, and learn how to generate MLM leads for free using My Lead System Pro today!

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