Why People Looking For MLM Opportunities Make Great Prospects

It might sound silly, but it’s true. People looking for MLM opportunities do make the best prospects…and here’s why.

But first, a little about myself.

My name is Monte Eggers, and I’ve been an online marketer for five years. I’ve generated thousands of laser targeted leads for my businesses by using proven techniques that I’ve learned  by other leaders in the network/MLM industry, and have collected some very nice commission checks in the process. One of my many goals is to help those who are struggling on the internet, to make their very first sale online.




Are People Looking For MLM Opportunities Easy To Find?


people interested in mlm

Let’s be real for a second. Not everybody you or I know, has a good sense of business. In other words, they’re not business minded people. These are the people in your inner circle who are in the mind-set of having a job for the rest of their lives. Which is totally fine. The world needs doctors and teachers. But not everybody wants to me married to a job for the rest of their lives either. Enter the MLM’er.

MLM’ers are people who’ve been in a network marketing business before and believe in the MLM industry. They want to have success. They want income from somewhere outside of their day job. They want the MLM dream. That’s what makes them the best prospects.

Even though it can be disappointing, some MLM companies end up going out of business. What then for a team of people? Some might join another company with the person who signed them up. Some might get out of the MLM scene all together. But those who are still serious, those who want to escape the grind, but not sure which company to join, are the people looking for MLM opportunities almost constantly. They are your hot prospects!


How To Find People Looking For MLM Opportunities

people looking for mlm opportunities

Whether you decide to prospect offline or online for your business is completely up to you. Both methods work, as long as you do them the right way. The key is to listen to people. If you’re having a face to face conversation with someone, and they start complain about their job, that might be a good opportunity for you to ask them if they’d be open for some info. The worst they could say is no. Then move one.

Like I stated above, the internet would be another great way to find people interested in MLM. Social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube are literally crawling with people who want to make extra income. Let’s take a closer look at how to use them both.


Using Facebook To Find People Interested In MLM

I’ve mentioned this in past articles, but I’ll say it again. It’s best to be as professional as possible when trying to find prospects on Facebook. Trying to “spam” people with a business opportunity link is a huge no-no. Be polite, “listen” to what people are saying online (i.e. “had a rough day at work”, “I’m looking for another job” etc) and then send them a private message. Ask if they’d be open for any information with what you’re working on. Your sure to get some yeses.


people interested in mlm


How To Find People Interested In MLM On YouTube.

People looking for MLM opportunities on YouTube usually search for certain keywords. If you’re a rep for a certain company, you could record and upload a short video explaining who you are, what your company has to offer, and how you can help them grow their business. YouTube is the second most searched website on the planet, right behind Google. A staggering 3 BILLION YouTube videos are watched per day. Which makes it a great place to find people interested in MLM!

Having A Blog Can Help You Find People Looking For MLM Opportunities

Lastly on certainly not least, blogging is another way online source you can use to help you find people interested in MLM. Though it’s a long term marketing strategy, it’s by far the best one. By writing valuable content that can help people with their problems (much like I’m doing here) you could get constant visitors to you website for your business. Once you start blogging, you can start showing up on Google and Bing for certain keywords that people are searching for. With a little learning on your part, your blog could become a major asset by getting you leads and sales for your business.


Putting It All Together

Before I close, some quick advice for you. No matter what MLM company you’re currently with, the best thing you can do is not quit. Stay plugged into your companies conference calls and events.  When you do this, you’ll be in constant contact with your team members. This helps boost moral and shows others that you’re there to learn and help.

Hopefully I’ve been able to shed some light about places to help you find people looking for MLM opportunities. The key is to always be prospecting. Always listen to your prospects. Get to know them. Offer to help them with their problems. The worst thing they could tell you is “No”. But even better, the best thing they could say is “Yes!”







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Monte Eggers

Monte Eggers is an online/network marketer, who specializes in blogging, Facebook, and YouTube lead generation.

He loves helping other internet marketers reach their goals by offering them valuable information about SEO, video, and other social media marketing strategies, that they can use to help build their business online.

In his spare time, Monte is a busy father raising 3 girls and 1 boy, with his wife of 16 years. He also drums for his church worship band, and enjoys fishing and hunting in western Wisconsin.
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