Why Shiny Object Syndrome Is Killing Your Business

Suffer from shiny object syndrome? As an entrepreneur, you most likely get excited about starting a new business adventure. The feelings overwhelm you. Your blood rushes. Your heart races as you think about all the possibilities. The people. The contracts. The excitement! I know exactly how you feel!

But slow down tiger. What about the OTHER thing you started last month? Or that OTHER thing you joined last year? Or all those OTHER opportunities you adventured in over the last five years? Where did they go? Are they lost? Did they up and disappear?

Chances are they’re still out there. But one thing is missing from them…you. You decided to chase something else. Something shinier than the last thing, and the thing before that. You my friend suffer from S.O.S. AKA...shiny object syndrome!


shiny object syndrome

What Is Shiny Object Syndrome Anyway?

Before we dive into it, we first need to understand what shiny object syndrome is. Here’s an example. See if you can relate.

You just joined a new business opportunity. You listen to your coach as they explain how you’re going to market your business. You follow the instructions spot on, word for word as they explained. A week goes by, and nothing happens. A month goes by. Same thing. A few more months go by and still nothing. But wait! What’s that? That thing right over there? Can’t you see it? Something different! Something…SHINY! “I need that! I want to be part of THAT thing!!”

See how easily we can become distracted by something when we don’t get the results we want? As humans, we’re naturally drawn by things that are “out of the norm”.  You thought you were in your zone when building your business, but alas. Something else got your attention when you were up late one night playing around on social media.



How To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

I must admit. I too suffered from shiny object syndrome. When it came to choosing a niche in marketing, I found my true passion. (precious metals, silver coins in fact). I tried several business opportunities in various niche markets. Product savings, self help books, affiliate products, and real estate. So I know first hand what you might currently be going through. Don’t get me wrong. Trying new things and failing at them are perfectly normal. In fact, if you’re NOT failing in business, you’re NOT learning.


shiny object syndrome-focus


But how do you stay focused in your business? If you truly find your calling, that one thing that makes you “tick”, you’ll stay with it. There are many distractions that are competing for our attention. The news, our friends, family, even social media can suck a person in. How many hours per day do you waste your time on Facebook?

When building your business, make a schedule and stick with it. Life happens. Work, kids’ soccer practice, school, all those things require our time. Schedule your business plan around them. Commit to your plan once you make it. Post a reminder on your fridge, laptop, or schedule it in your smartphone. Just DON’T get distracted by another shiny object that can pull you away from the thing you decided to not quit!


Final Thoughts About Shiny Object Syndrome

When shiny object syndrome is staring you right in your face, attack it head on. Remind yourself that you made a decision to go after your goals and you’re not stopping until you reach them. Find a friend who has the same mind-set as you do who can support you. Be accountable to them as well.

Another way to stay focused could be to connect with your team more. Stay plugged in. Listen to others who might be suffering from shiny object syndrome also. Learn from them, and share how you manage to stay on course. Building any business takes dedication, and distractions of any kind can hinder us from staying on task.

shiny object syndrome


I hope I was able to help or inspire you in any way. If you enjoyed this article, please share it on your favorite social media site by clicking on the appropriate icon below. Because there’s someone else out there right now, who might be suffering from shiny object syndrome as well who needs a little help focusing on their dream.


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