Five Things You Must Have Before Starting A Blog

You’ve been thinking about it for a while and finally decided to build your own brand and start a blog in hopes to make some money. First off, congratulations, and secondly I applaud you! Before you start feeling all confused about what to write about or how to get traffic, you need to have some basic blogging tools. Here’s a list of five must have blogging tools in order to have a successful blog in no particular order.

Number 1- Hosting: In order for your blog to be found online, you need somebody to “host” your website. What does hosting mean? Website hosting is simply the act of someone offering rented space on a server for you to “park” your blog or website. There are hundreds of companies who offer free hosting, as well as companies who offer a yearly or monthly subscription fee. Free web hosting is fine to begin with, but has a few setbacks. The biggest downside to free web hosting is copy writes. Yes, they’ll host your blog and publish your articles, but THEY own it, and could take it down anytime they choose. If for some reason they decide to delete your articles or worse yet, your entire site, you’re out of luck. That’s why I recommend some type of paid membership to a hosting service.

Web hosting companies such as Hostgator, justHost, and SiteBuilder all offer hosting services, but the one I recommend the most is MLSP Sites. Unlike other host companies, MLSP offers free training to set up your blog, plus free WordPress plug-ins (software that you use to give you blog its own look) as well as premium plug-ins that you would have to pay for directly from the developers.


For more information about MLSP and their blogging platform, click here


Number 2: An Auto-Responder/List Builder

As a new online marketer, your number one goal should be to build an email list. Why? Because that’s your most important asset. It’s not your blog or your company/opportunity you’re trying to build. Just like the old saying goes, “The money is in the list”. How do you build an email list? You need a list builder such as Aweber to capture your visitors email address so you can message them about special offers or upcoming promotions when you see fit. By building YOUR list, you can create a relationship with them so they get to know and trust you. When they do, they’ll decide to buy from you.


Number 3: Social Media Sharing Tool

Have you ever been on Facebook or Twitter and clicked on a link to an article that really resonated with you? Of course you have! And what did the writer ask you to do? That’s right! Share the content! Usually at the bottom or top of every blog is some type of social media sharing button. By having share buttons on your blog, you’re asking your visitors to help you spread the word about your content. If your visitors do share your content, this gives you automatic credibility on social media, which in turn will give you free traffic to your blog which is a very nice thing!

Number 4: A Good Theme

Depending on your niche, you’ll want to pick a theme that fits your blog. Take mine for example. My target market is online marketers who may be looking for advice on building their business. I chose a title and resources that fits my niche. How silly would it be to land on a blog that talks about the stock market and has a picture of a clown on it?  You need to stay within your niche. Don’t start a blog about babysitting and write an article about California’s drought problem. Stay consistent with what you want to help people with. It’ll make your blog and you look better!

Number 5: Your Own Domain Name

This one might be a little tricky. There are millions of blogs/websites online, and chances are, you might have trouble with a domain name. Unless you decide to do like I did. Besides this blog, ( I have a second blog at where I blog about cast iron cooking products. It was challenging when searching for a domain name I wanted. I first had picked out, but it was already taken. So I decided on .net for a cheaper price from Once you have your domain name picked out, you’ll be able to  forward it to your host party.

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Now go get started, and best of luck to you on your new blog!

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Monte Eggers

Monte Eggers is an online/network marketer, who specializes in blogging, Facebook, and YouTube lead generation.

He loves helping other internet marketers reach their goals by offering them valuable information about SEO, video, and other social media marketing strategies, that they can use to help build their business online.

In his spare time, Monte is a busy father raising 3 girls and 1 boy, with his wife of 16 years. He also drums for his church worship band, and enjoys fishing and hunting in western Wisconsin.
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