Success In MLM-What To Expect During Your MLM Success Journey

Success in MLM begins with one thing…YOU! That’s right, you alone are responsible for your success in MLM. Let me explain to you my personal struggles, and triumphs I’ve experienced on my MLM journey. It’s been nearly five years since I joined my first MLM business. My success story may be different than yours, because everybody’s experience is different when it comes to direct sales. But when most MLM “newbies” start out, I believe we all go through the same struggles. This is my personal story.

Success In MLM- What To Expect When You First Start

Shortly after I was introduced to the MLM industry, I was sold on the idea of becoming my own boss, and having my own “business”. True, it is a business, but we don’t own it. We are reps for a company that we decided to join and market either their products/services, and make a little money on the side. When you sit back and think about it, it’s a great concept. Does it work? Absolutely! But will it happen overnight? Not to burst your bubble or anything, but it’s highly doubtful.

You need to put in the effort to have any type of success in MLM. The first rule about having success in MLM business is, you need to talk to people! But there is a little “art form” when doing that. (more on that in a future article). I know that most MLM/network marketing companies rely on face to face marketing. Does it work? Without a doubt. But what typically happens next? We run out of names on our “hot” list to share our opportunity with. That happened to me shortly after I joined. I started feeling lost, and I avoided talking to my up-line support. I then started to lose sight on why I joined in the first place. Freedom, and extra money. This is when I started to feel like I wasn’t going to make it, and my dreams of having any real success in MLM were disappearing…fast!

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Why Success In MLM May Be Difficult.

Like I stated earlier in this post, you need to put in the actual work to have any type of real success in MLM. Most of us still have daytime jobs, family, and other thing that life demands of us. So building an MLM business needs time not only to build, but time needs to be carved out  TO build it. So dedicating the time to build it, needs to bed decided on when, where and most importantly…HOW. Traditional? (face to face) Online? Or both? Either way works. Not giving up on your dreams is the main “killer” in MLM.

I know exactly how this happens. There’s been days when I would say to myself, “I’m too tired.”, or, “Maybe tomorrow I’ll try harder.”  Getting that type of thinking out of your head needs to be your number one priority to have success in MLM. Think positive thoughts daily! Negative thinking is nothing but poison! Stay focused. Stay determined. Stay unstoppable!!

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Closing Thoughts On Success In MLM

Does everybody have success in MLM? Sadly no. That’s why MLM can be so brutal. Only 3-5% of MLM reps have success in building their business. When starting out, have a goal. Big or small, set one for your self. Want to talk to ten people a day about your business? Do it! Want to take your business online and generate leads daily? Learn how to market online with a proven system that will teach you how!  My point is simple. Choose a path that you want to take, have a daily plan of action, and implement it. You’ll get there! I know you will!!

If you’re struggling, I understand. It stinks! I was once there. By not giving up, and overcoming my personal struggles, I was able to reach one of my personal goals. I recently reached the leader board in MLSP (My Lead System Pro), and got rewarded by them. I want to show you how you can have the same success in MLM as I recently had.

If you’re serious about building an MLM business, and want to learn how to use the internet to do so, simply click here to learn how you can generate leads for your business daily, with a simple marketing system.

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