Team National Compensation Plan-Getting Paid With Team National

The Team National compensation plan can be a little overwhelming at first. No worries though. In this article, I’ll give the breakdown of how Team national pays its members. Whether you just joined Team National or recently viewed the “Road to Financial Freedom”, you may not fully understand how the plan really works, and you’re looking for some answers on how you’d get paid. So let’s dive in, and learn how the Team National compensation plan and how you’d receive commission checks with the Team National Big N Marketplace.

Team National Compensation Plan-Getting Started

With all the available compensation plans out there,  Team National uses the second most popular compensation plan, the “Binary”. Binaries work with two business legs. One left and one right. The key to the Team National compensation plan is to get two sales. This gets you bonus qualified. To stay bonus qualified, each Independent Marketing Director (IMD) must make make two retail Membership sales every 12 months. Team National offers two membership packages. The Standard is worth 1 point, whereas the Premium is worth 3. Your very first sale must go on the left leg of your business, the next on your right. As you’re building your business, and as long as you stay bonus qualified, $500 is paid each and every time a pay point reaches 5 and 5.  When the pay point reaches 10 and 10, an additional $1000 is paid, for a total of $1500. (Any additional points do not carry over.)

team national compensation plan

Team National Compensation Plan- Hosting Bonus

If you signed up with the person who showed you the Team National business opportunity, they are known as your host. In the Team National compensation plan, a “hosting bonus” can be achieved for any IMD who has an established team. An IMD receives a hosting bonus when another IMD in either leg of their business, reaches a 10 and 10 pay point. This comes in the form of a $1,000 check to the IMD who remains hosting bonus qualified. If a pay point reaches a 10 and 10 and the host of that pay point is not hosting bonus qualified, the $1000 hosting bonus will “roll up” to the next qualified host.

Team National Compensation Plan- Presidential Director Bonus

This bonus is to reward to IMD’s who have a growing team, which is the direct result of their training and management efforts. To the extent an IMD progresses through the Presidential Director program faster than others in their organization; they will earn an override on their efforts. The total amounts paid out are $50.00 and $100.00 on the sale of a Standard Membership and a Premium Membership. This is what makes the Team National compensation plan extraordinary from other binaries.

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Team National Compensation Plan-Big N Marketplace

Another way to get paid with the Team National compensation plan, is through the Big N Marketplace. These commissions are earned from purchases made on line using your personal Big N Marketplace website. To participate in the Big N Marketplace an IMD must have a computer, Internet connection, and purchase a personal website. You have the choice of paying for this website monthly or on an annual basis. The cost for an IMD’s website is $7 per month, or $75 per year. The Big N Marketplace is a collection of stores where you can make online purchases, and receive commissions off of those purchases. Each store has a different commission structure that ranges from 0 – 35%. Every purchase you make online from your website is electronically tracked. Team National receives reports from those stores, and the commission amounts for all of the purchases, and in turn, pay the commissions to the IMD’s.

team national compensation plan big n market place

This part of the Team National compensation plan is unique from others. IMD’s can direct friends and family to their Big N website to make their purchases, and can earn the commissions off of their purchases. Team National does not keep any part of the IMD’s commissions for this service. Team National will pay 100% of what an IMD has earned from their online purchases.

 My Conclusion Of The Team National Compensation Plan

Without a doubt, the Team National compensation plan has set the industry standard with great bonuses and special perks. If worked hard, Team National could be a solid business for anyone to do in their spare time. With 15 years under their belt in business, Team National has paved the way for average people to save and make money.

 How To Build A Successful Team National Business Online

If you’re currently in Team National and have exhausted both your “hot” and “warm market” list of people to share it with, (or are looking to build it online) maybe you’re searching how to find prospects using the internet. If you’open to learning how to attract leads to you about your Team National business, click on the link below to learn how you could generate anywhere from 10-20 fresh new leads per day using the internet!

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