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Hello there and thanks for stopping by! We are Monte and Heather Eggers and we want to tell you real quick, why we chose Team National.

We joined Team National back in February of ’09, because we were looking for other ways to save money for our everyday goods and services, and realized by NOT being Team National members, we were just throwing our money away.

After joining Team National, we quickly realized that we made a wise decision and saw the potential savings that we would be able to make. Items like household supplies, cell phone plans, home and auto insurance, bedroom and office furniture, and much more! But the second part of the Team National concept offers a totally optional earnings program, that can help anybody make extra money on a very part time basis, and that grabbed our attention real fast. So we thought to ourselves “Who wouldn’t want to hear about this?”

team national

The best part is that it doesn’t cost anything to be an Independent Marketing Director (IMD), and there is no inventory to move or no quota to meet! So to wrap it up, if you’re looking to save some money for your home and even your business, and would like to make extra money by simply sharing this concept, click on the link directly below this article, (your information is secured and NOT shared with a 3rd party), and we’ll contact you with free information.

Thank you for reading and have an awesome week!

Monte and Heather Eggers
Independent Marketing Directors/Team National

Learn how you can save AND earn money for your household by clicking here!

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Monte Eggers

Monte Eggers is an online/network marketer, who specializes in blogging, Facebook, and YouTube lead generation.

He loves helping other internet marketers reach their goals by offering them valuable information about SEO, video, and other social media marketing strategies, that they can use to help build their business online.

In his spare time, Monte is a busy father raising 3 girls and 1 boy, with his wife of 16 years. He also drums for his church worship band, and enjoys fishing and hunting in western Wisconsin.
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